Monday, January 17, 2005


dag dard nabbit, frikken scheisse. argh, erk erk erk!

I just found out that the cute little bald eharmony nurse I have been corresponding with is a charismatic. I can't even type the word.



I can't even talk. This is so irritating. Jesus said to love the sinner, no prob... but did he really say to love our fellow christians?


breath breath... God forgave me all my sins (much more ghastly than falling down and barking in the spirit, and waving flags and speaking in tongues, and slobbering in public), surely I can find it in my hyporcritical heart to forgive this poor nice man for being charismatic.

I really don't think I have ever recovered from that exorcism. Its the demons talking! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

You gotta a real bitter root, there, Sister. Would you like to share with the group how you feel? Don't worry, there are no secrets here. We love you, and we want you to be healed. Don't try to run, you are just giving in to Satan. Satan wants you to be bound in bitterness and hate. We just want to love you...

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