Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I had the eharmony date. Although, I am not hearing wedding bells, it wasn't a complete washout. Or was it? You decide.

He was nervous. Not in a falling off the chair sort of way, but enough to have to wipe his hands on his pants a few times.

He was very nice, with an impressive resume (Thtanford Grad, MBA, goes to CityChurch-- and as you know, thlackerth don't frequent that bathtion of Calvinithm). He was very flattering, told me I was smart in so many words (like I have never hear that before).

He ordered a beer, I had tea. (yeah, figured the Sober Me was a better first impression).

He seemed very interested in how his profile was looking. I told him he looked like a "goofy white man" He seemed disappointed that I hadn't memorized his profile. Told me that I came off as "strange"

We talked for an hour (much longer than the recommended 10 minutes). After while I was fiddling with my coaster-- a sure sign that it was time to end the interview. I told him I needed to get back to Flip Flop. That was when it took a turn.

Well, he said. I need to let you know something.


I am seeing someone else right now.

(I could feel my Wicked Witch persona coming on)

really, says I, a cold and evil sort of really

(I could see him shrink on his bar stool)

Yeah, it started last week (we set this up 2 weeks ago), and I am not sure it will work out. I like you a lot (blah blah blah... backpedals, he is not really seeing her, but they are dating, and well, he might call me, not next week, but in, like two weeks, like if it doesn't work out...)

end report

Now all I need is a call from NY to complete the misery.

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