Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My new mary janes allow me to walk nearly soundlessly. I feel like an indian brave sneaking around the house (and the campus, the Mall, the sidewalk).

I just got back from Sevillanas with the N*ster. I danced with her father, Schlomo. He had a great hat. (I am trying to get my father to wear hats). He was quite flirty and adorable. My appeal seems to be irrisistible to the younger than ten and older than 60 set.

Nothing much has happened with eharmony. I am e-mailing another Mike-in-San Fran. I have at one time or another dated two mikes in SF previously. Why do people named "mike" gravitate to the city-by-the-bay...

give me your michaels
and your weary mikes

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