Thursday, February 10, 2005

Commuting is Fun Again.

The Amazing Mrs S was waiting for me this morning at the park n' ride. We exchanged funny stories and we decided her nephew and the Knee-Biter need to hook up when they are old enough. Our illustrious family dynasties need to intersect, we concluded (there is not nearly enough madness and insanity in either clan-- we need more!) I don't think the KB will mind having her life mapped out for her.

One of my funny stories was about the call from NY last night. I don't know if "funny" is the right term for this.

me: are ya gonna call me on Valentines again like last year?
NY What!? I called you on Valentines? What did I say?
me: you asked me if you were "being creepy" by calling me on Valentines
NY: What did you say?
me: I lied. I said "no"

On the topic of "oddly behaving men." I talked the KB on sunday, she was irritated with the opposite sex as well.

KB: I am mad at the boys
me: why?
KB: they stopped teasing me
me: I thought that would be a good thing. I thought you didn't like getting teased.
KB: [sigh of exasperation] I DO like it, its fun. It means they like me. But they got in trouble for teasing me and the teacher made them stop.
me: I am sorry, that is terrible.

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