Tuesday, February 15, 2005

the ether just ate my last entry, which was a whining rant about all the annoying cute people that I know. (I think that would include just about all of you).

Metonymy and the Temporal Lobe.

I just wanted to write that down. Doesn't it sound like a good novel title? Its been five minutes since I panned every one who possibly cares about me. I think I am ready to embrace my fellow humans again. Give me five minutes.


I also included the last SFMike update. And I think it will be the last SFMike update. Like, the end, my friend. I keep trying to tell myself that the fish that get away are the ones that didn't deserve me anyway. Like I am some sort of a malignant cancer. No. Wrong metaphor. He mentioned his new "lady-friend" How lame is that. Who calls anyone their "lady-friend"? Unless you are eighty.

On the brighter side of things. I have a date with Jose the art patron and his wife. That story just gets curiouser and curiouser. Seems he remembers discussing a story he wrote about a teddy bear with me on Sutter St back in the Spring of 97. I can't even recall a coffee shop on Sutter St.

1997. Seems like such a quaint year. Kinda like 1897. Did we wear corsets and button shoes and use Illustrator 2.0 that year?

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