Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Finally set up the Wobbly Computer on the desk. Now I can sit upright like a reall homo sapiens sapiens instead of a half-evolved monkey squatting on the floor.

I had a nearly perfect day today. A day that I should model all days to come by. I read in bed until 10AM, a good time to arise. Then I took care of some business, and then it was time to hoof it to downtown, where I took care of more business. I mailed a package containing the first protypical catalog of the SC Rubber Company and a sample wallet to a businesswoman in LA, who claimed that "Matt" gave her my card and told her that I made cool things out of rubber. She owns a store called "Plastica." Clearly a business prodigy, to have the acumen to get on the ground floor of the SC rubber phenom. I have no idea who "Matt" is. For a while I was really into marketing and I gave my card to a lot of random people I haven't seen since. Can anyone shed light on this "matt" person?

Then I went to Lulu's and worked on the sub until I was sore and bored. Then I ate a taco at Cafe Campesino (mexican food valhalla). Then I hoofed it to Union 120 to draw some more. I drew until the loud cellphone people drove me elsewhere. Then I went to the Celestial being's place of employment and convinced her to take me home on her way back to the LO.

I found the Wobbly's iTune collection. I think I am in 'puter heaven. I made sure that the monitor is at my eye-level. Everything is ergonomic. I have no reason ever to leave the 'puter. AHHHHH! Ten years of resisting, and I am finally turning into a nerd. must leave, must go look at moon and get away!

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