Monday, February 21, 2005

I travelled about 150 miles today, along the coast to the City. I could have been tooling around on the Emerald Isle, for all of the green that God splashed on the hillsides. An awful lot of wild life was out today, enjoying respite from the rain. The knee biter and I went to get some education at the Exporatorium, then I took her to the GG Park playground for some exercize and a spin on the Carousel.

Confessions of a Chevrolet Naturalist

Skunks at the Golden Gate Park. Didn't see them. But you don't need to see a skunk to know that they are around. You don't even need to roll down your window.

Hawks at Costanoa. Or falcons. I am not sure which. They perched on the powerlines looking cool. They have so much attitude. I saw another one circling around Anu Nuevo.

Vulture at Pescadero. He was catching the ocean breeze as it ricocheted off the sand dunes. He wasn't flapping his wings at all, just dipping and wheeling over the beach like a black kite. Flapping is for the lesser fowl, I suppose.

Egret at Scott's Creek. White on green. Do they know how pretty they are? She was standing there like a picture, on the grassy shoulder. Meditating? Praying? Calculating pi?

Mystery Ducks at the Palace of Fine Arts. Black ducky body with wrinkled red skin on their faces, almost like combs on a rooster, but not so comby. A pair was rooting around in the mud puddles. I let TKB take a few pictures of them. They came right up to us and then wandered away when I didn't give them bread.

Swan at the PFA. He was huge! His feet were huge-- he could have weighed 40 lbs. I had no idea what massive beasts they are. His neck was so long and flexible. I took a bunch of pictures and then he came right up to me, and he mugged for the camera. That is a bit anthropomorphic, maybe he could smell my female pheremones and was showing off. Whatever it was, I got a lot of nice shots.

Snoring Priest at the John of God chapel on 5th Ave and Parnassus. I wanted to show TKB that some christians don't lock their churches like the Protties do, I dragged her into the John of God church. She was really nervous, and it was dark. When we shoved our heads into the sanctuary, we heard the loudest snores. We left without disturbing the sleeper.

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