Thursday, February 3, 2005

The Inimitable One on Flip Flop

Last weekend the IO went down to FF to visit a spa. These are some of the things she said.

"the people in Flip Flop are so grungy"

"its a long ways away. I don't know how you do that drive"

"the Goodwill had no labels. Are there just no labels in the town? The whole thing was totally picked-over." (labels=designer clothes)

"That was the worst Crossroads I had ever visited. They had no stock!"

"I found a jacket at Moon Zoom, 60's with a big fur collar... but it wasn't me at all. Plus they wanted 25 for it. Pshh."

The Amazing Mrs S on San Hoe

"There was only one other scrubby girl in my class. Her clothes were old, but clean. Like mine.... Yeah, I noticed every one over there has nice shoes."

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