Monday, February 7, 2005

The rain has stopped.

The sun is out. Steam rises from Brit's black asphalt-composite roof.

I scrubbed out the sink. I cooked and consumed my very own cal-mex breakfast tacos. The morning is quickly giving way to noon and a gray dove coos on the ridge of the roof.

I wish things were all resolved. Then I wish that wishing wasn't so futile. I wish it was easier to live with uncertainty.

I went shopping with Cara last night, after our family dinner. I woman dressed in a white uniform was sitting in front of the Whole foods with a coffee can and a table. She gave me a beautiful smile when we went in and when we left. I gave her some quarters. I think I got the better deal.

I am looking for some sort of lesson in this, but I am not seeing it. I feel like Wacko, Jacko and Dot Warner should pop up from behind the Robin's Vice Berry Bush with a little sign saying "cartoon cliche number 327: Life is full of uncertainty, stop whining about it"

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