Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I was going to write Deep Thoughts Regarding Relationships

but I have changed my mind. Quel relief, eh?

New Topic

The funny IM I just had with Wobbly re: smelly graf artists who want a piece of our APE table.
Here's the back story. Wobbly and I have been agonizing for months over this ridiculous table-- we have been investing large sums of money, we have gotten righteous sellers' permits, we have met and discussed and drawn together. So evidently, this MB person wants a piece of our table. Why, I ask, doesn't he get his own table?

note-- I edited it for clarity and privacy.

wobbly: I wanted to ask you something?
Ross F: shoot!
wobbly: So, I was wondering if you would mind having an extra artist sharing our table?
Ross F: who?
wobbly: Maybe we could talk about it tomorrow
Ross F: meradith?
wobbly: M* b*
Ross F: oh... phew... you scared me there
Ross F: is he cool? is he going to man the table?
wobbly: V* B*'s son
Ross F: is he going to help defray the cost of the table?
wobbly: Do a google search
wobbly: Sure thing
Ross F: huh? wha?
Ross F: does he want a third?
Ross F: he could give 30 bucks to each of us
Ross F: is he going to make us look like hacks?
wobbly: Slight chance...
Ross F: does he smell bad?
Ross F: aw f*
wobbly: But at least we'll get lots of people
Ross F: we can certainly discuss it tomorrow
wobby: Probably
Ross F: wha? probably smells bad?
wobbly: Yeah
Ross F: ew
Ross F: you serious?
Ross F: is he cute? does he brush his teeth?
wobbly: But apparently he's famous
wobbly: What can ya do?
Ross F: if you don't want to do it, we can say no
Ross F: you sound hesitant
Ross F: we can say no
Ross F: if he's so hot and famous, can he just get his own f*in' table
wobbly: Google him
wobbly: He wears hawaiin shirts, sometimes
Ross F: I am looking at his webpage
Ross F: hmmm
Ross F: is he a good friend of yours?
Ross F: we must ask ourselves, are these guys consistent with the Happy Goat Statement of Purpose?
Wobbly: That's a good point
Wobbly: We must discuss this further
Ross F: my goodness, he might be famous, but you are damn better, for crying out f*ing loud
Ross F: this guy is making me swear
Wobbly: Yeah
Wobbly: Good point.
Ross F: is he right there?
Ross F: we can talk tomorrow
Wobbly: I must go
Wobbly: Yes
Wobbly: Good
Ross F: i am going to suspend judgement
Ross F: see ya tomorrow
Wobbly: Gnight

I looked at this dude's webpage (I'd share the url, but I am afraid of a libel suit) and I was not impressed. Badly drawn sex kittens with erect nipples and barely-there bikinis. Pink bikinis, no less. I am not against cheesecake at all, in fact I have been known to indulge in it on occasion, but there was nothing ironic, nor interesting, nor masterful about his treatment of the subject. Lumpen animals that look like they were pogo rejects. We at Happy Goat have standards. We at Happy Goat take care of our own.

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