Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Its That Time of the Year Again.

Late Winter, Early Spring Finds Camille Combing the Library for Pop Physics and Math books.

Is it the Changing Seasons? The quickening of the Earth?


For the last five Springs, I have found myself in the Grip of Pop-Science Fever. Why it attacks in the Spring is a Mystery. Does any one else get Weird Reading Habits in the Spring?

Is it being the the Intellectually Unstimulating World of Work? I stopped being an Official Student about 5 years ago. Tragic, I know, but it was time to start whittling at Them Loans.

I am Currently Reading a book about Charles Babbage, the Father of Computers (written in 1970, punch cards were au currant, but still charming-- did you know the first person to program his machine was Ada, Lady Lovelace? A woman, Yay! Girl Power!). Yesterday I read James Gleick's bio of Isaac Newton (far too short, I thought).

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