Wednesday, April 6, 2005

On the road this morning I had the disturbing sensation that my eyes were tired. I was so deep in Submarine Land that I didn't notice it took 70 minutes to get to work this morning. This is becoming a pattern, the next submarine muse doesn't visit until the previous one is done being laid out. So many characters to develop, so many dysfunctional relationships to explore. So many geeky submarine props and environments to create. now i am hearing music, in the submarine... and more smells (incense this time... maybe its T's influence)

How on earth could they be tired in the morning? I asked myself.

I guess sitting in front of the 'puter for three whole days takes a toll on the ol' bod. I am so thankful I don't do this for a living.

DIY comics

I put Submarine 6 to bed last night and I have the sheets, maybe I'll just sell them as kits and the readers can put them together themselves. I also finished Submarine Misc. (it doesn't have a number... it is unfileable-- it is a collection of notes and vignettes... a "Found" submarine issue. it has a treasure from my fridge-- you'll have to read it yourselves, to find out what that is). Its waiting to go to bed. I also designed some HG postcards. I think we will give them away... an added bonus for visiting the HG table.

I reread Sub misc last night for the first time. I actually put it together without reading the fine print. I realized that there is a story, but its presented backwards. Should I pretend I did that intentionally? If it had a number, it would go between 5 and 6. Oh, yeah, and 6 only has one quote... i wasn't very good at collecting them this time. Now I am wondering if I should have included it. I never ask permission. (tho' Liesa's "she's doing a butch job" ought to go in the next one)

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