Wednesday, May 25, 2005

In the Mood

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I have had some time today. I decided to forgo the Very Important task of updating my resume and mailing it to interesting parties for a turn around May and a hard-core Kitchen Doodle. I was feeling sick of having all my drawing be for something, so I decided to just do whatever I damn well pleased, in the Proud Tradition of Kitchen Table Art.
This used to be a nightly ritual with the H*ster, and we would sit and draw and trade art and we were our own best audiences. This is the first time I have doodled at the kitchen table sans the H. Just me and the smelly trader joes soy sauce (why does it smell exactly like Bragg's Liquid Amino?) And now my hands smell like it, but I am proud to report that the utility room no longer smells like a certain New Yorker. It only took two weeks for his cologne (Its Not cologne!) or aftershave or eau d'homme, or whatever it was, to finally leave the environs. I only wish my kidneys were so resilient. I am going to have to cut this entry short, since my monitor is acting very strange (it has a eye-burning case of la vie en rose, with little vertical stripes) and its giving me a headache.

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