Monday, May 2, 2005

In Praise of Naps

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I find myself refreshed after the nap I just took in the faculty lounge at one of the Institutions lucky enough to have me on staff. I curled up on the big, generous comfy chair that sits in the corner of the room, behind the music bookcase and the flat files. It was much-needed after the rather hairy monday morning that I had. Which included getting up hella early so I could snag #11 at the park 'n ride (and I missed the exit, so I was late and got the delux tour of the Valley of the Scots. Then when I dropped her off in Hose, I had to go to the bathroom a tiny bit, but I figured I'd be in the warm embrace of Muttonham in a jiffy and there would be no problem.

Was I ever wrong. Becuase there is just no getting from A to B in a jiffy in the Valley on Monday morning.

In Praise of Nature

A half hour later, I was still in traffic, and things had gotten to a fever-pitch. I was thinking that risking a $271 fine for violating the carpool lane would be worth it, just to relieve the bodily discomfort. But, alas, my accountant nixxed that.

Because you Don't Need to Be In the Mountains to Appreciate the Verdant Glossy Beauty of Poison Oak in the Spring.

You only need to be on the shoulder of one of California's belovedest freeways.

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