Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Spare $200 bucks?

Yeah, I know its early in the summer to be begging for money, but the SJICA ( is having their annual Monoprint Marathon and I just found out that the Institution that usually sponsors me is having "cash flow" issues. :( So I have to find my own sponsor.

So now you, dear and loaded reader, can have the thrill of sponsoring me to spend a Saturday in May laboring with the printing press and the inks, producing a original and surely groundbreaking piece of art. And they put on this amazing shindig/auction where you can hobnob with arts-intelligentsia of Hose and bid on the fabulous pieces. And the 200 bucks you put up will go toward your auction purchase. Lots of people will want to sponsor me, I am sure, so don't let any one else beat you to it. Call me now!

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