Sunday, May 8, 2005

This weekend has been a wild ride. My goal to have a Flip Flop weekend and has certainly been met. I didn't want to make any plans, just allow things to flow (with a few well-timed phone calls). Friday night, dinner at the red, then a rendezvous with Eleven and her husband. We enjoyed the food (this is the best hamburger ever!), and had a good time trying to figure out the perfect wording to describe the service on the receipt. "this tip isn't a reflection on the service we received, its philanthropy" or something to that effect. We decided to get dessert at Chocolat and we arrived as they were closing. No dessert for us. Then while wandering down the Mall, we chanced upon a group of dancing/drumming hippies and NY had a


A hippy was wearing something that wasn't quite a teva, and not quite a conventional sandal, it was a


(what is this "chaco" I have never heard of it, you can't get them in NY, I want a pair, where can you get them?)


We ended up at Cafe Perg, tried unsuccessfully to order beer (sorry, ma'am we don't serve alcohol at this hour). I thought it was telling that the two chaps who ordered bud right after we did got it. Discrimination? Or did I Ask the Wrong Question?

We sat around in the garden and talked until we could barely hold our heads up.

Saturday was ROAD TRIP! After gorging ourselves on breakfast burritoes at the Chillout (they are so full! they are so good! Food shouldn't be this good!) We headed south on HW1 to find "a small town with a little main street and houses with property" We started in Aptos, made our way to Wa*ville, then Monterey, San Juan Bautista (what is a Mission? Isn't that in San Francicsco?).

Then we went to the Mountain so Eleven could show us the Redwoods. We only found one tiny, dusky little banana slug (not a great representative of the race) but enjoyed crawling in the trees and the wonderful smells. Then we had pizza at Engfers (I am a pingpong failure) and visited the Family (shhh, the baby is sleeping). I felt so grown-up, sitting with the wives in the kitchen, working on food and paying no attention at all to what the men were discussing in the living room.

It was human,
it was warm,
it was Flip Flop.

Now it is Sunday, I am listening to the rain, and trying to figure out if I want to go to Hose twice, or if I should really get my oil changed, or maybe I should do laundry. NY is schmoozing with some clients in Felton right now. I can feel normalcy creeping towards me. In a few hours I might have to think about Work and Next Week and Next Month (horrors!).

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