Wednesday, June 1, 2005

The Search For Summer Employment continues (followed only by the Search For Fall Employment)

Confessions of a Salary Snob

Was cruising craigslist yesterday and found an interesting potential summer job (teaching summer camps, ironically). So I did the online application and now I have an appointment for an phone interview. The e-mail they sent recommended I research their organization, so I did.

Wow, the fellow Institution-grunts and I really have it good. At Camp G, the hours are doubled and the net pay is about half. It works out to about 10 bucks/hour. That was my babysitting wage 10 years ago! Those are dishwashing wages! (not that dishwashing isn't a fine occupation and worthy of respect). The gig isn't even in Flip Flop, its in Hose. The sad thing is, if they offer me a position, I am going to take it (that or selling veggies at the Semi-Lunar Town).

I did get one day of work in the bag for the impoverished month of July. Cha-Ching!

gratuitious Health Update

The ah, urinalysis, report came in and there are trace amount of e.coli. Good news. A big thank you to God, for seeing me through yet another camille-instigated crisis, and to all my friends, housemates and family members who have consistently loved me and cared for me. My naturepath is keeping me on the killer herbs until everything is totally flushed out. Kill the prisoners!

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