Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This Day

skirt, originally uploaded by camille94019.

I should be doing something related to paying-august's-rent. But its sunny outside, and the Gospels say that I shouldn't worry about tomorrow (er, rather, 2 months from now). Who am I to argue with Jesus? (of course, the astute biblical scholar could point out many verses in Proverbs praising the virtue of industry).

God gave me talents, when I exercize those talents, am I not giving Him glory? Why should I torture myself with guilt because I am not flipping burgers somewhere for 6.25 an hour? My inner life-coach keeps telling me that I am working on a balance between creativity and money grubbing, and that i just need to keep perservering and not to waste time beating myself up but to go on craigslist looking for a job, or find a rich bachelor on eharmony, pronto.

I had to post these fabulous BW oktomat images. They required quite a bit of cleaning up in photoshop. Click on the image to see more. A lot of them are from my visit to Bear Town with Fan Boy, and some are from my walks in Down Town Flip Flop. In fact, my flip flop makes some unadvertent appearances.


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