Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dark Clouds over Camilleland

feel kinda desperate. (but not in the hat 'n stump way)

trying to make lists and take baby steps back into functionality

things accomplished today
1) laundry! the first item on the list. hard to be functional when one's undies are dirty. actually, I haven't folded n' put away yet. so maybe I should call this list the "noble attempts"
2) turned a laundry detergent bottle into a clothespin holder
3) 2 hours of hammock time
4) found the pater's wallet (it fell in my car)
5) talked to the Contessa and Fan Boy (why am I whining, my day is made)
6) checked e-mail pile-up from the last 2 weeks

Noble failures
1) laundry (see above)
2) groceries (nature called at a critical intersection)
3) mailing a roll of film to a photographer in Germany. The Kiosk at the PO said I needed to go to the window (conveniently barred), and the FEDEX kinko's guy (after showing me a hideous picture of the worlds ugliest dog which completely derailed my mental train) told me it would cost 50 bucks or I could call go fedex and it would take a "couple of hours" to find the right german hub or i could "look online" and absolutely refused to let me use the phone. Who said technology flattened the world? they lied. Or maybe its flat only for a 50 buck fee.
4) looked online to confirm the location of my gig tomorrow. failed. Big Shaft, although reputed to be one of the "Cradles of the Internet" did not have the funtion I am supposed to be at listed anywhere I could find. Well, i guess i'll just drive over there and Hope.
5) researching for my class on monday. yes, its fairy tales. Yes, i should have done this before. Went to the library, and didn't find what I was looking for and I forgot my card. Curses!

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