Thursday, July 14, 2005

July 12th

8:45 PST left montara in the silver bullet with the Pater.
9:10 PST arrived at SFO wandered a while trying to find proper gate. Seems my airline goes by a number of different names.
9:30 PST met Nikki, we checked our bags in and wandered around the the stores.
11:50 boarded plane. the nice ANA stewardesses made sure we sat together.
2 PM, July 13th, Japanese time, we arrive at Narita. Spent most of the 9 hour flight playing the old version of Super Mario, watching "Meet the Fokkers" over and over again and trying, unsuccessfully to sleep.
5P PM, Japanese time, we board our plane. Spent the three hour layover checking e-mail and drawing the monks.
11PM, local time, arrive at BKK. Humidity and touts accost us as we leave airport. The customs lady stamps my passport for the first time.
12 PM arrive at the ASHA guesthouse after a 20 minute taxi ride. Chat with the friendly brits at the Guesthouse Bar.
1AM, July 14, thursday, hit the sack.
4 AM, wake up for no good reason.

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