Monday, July 18, 2005

n'um plough

the back yard., originally uploaded by camille94019.

This isn't a picture of Cambodia, but it could be. people in hammocks, plastic furniture, lots of green foliage. laundry drying on the line. So many things are missing, though. The persistent beggar/ amputee children, the dark, dank, fly infrested markets (that I have actually eaten uncooked food from! my doctor would have a heart-attack!). The scary government (which is nearly indistiguishable from the mafia), the motorcycles, the bikes, the dusty roads, the enormous hotels, the beautiful textiles, the bumpy roads... so many things.

I wish I could send a photo of where I am right now. Internet
computer lab (not really a cafe, they don't serve food) in Siem Reap,
Cambodia. Scooters whiz by outside on the street. No A/C (its early,
yet, the real heat won't hit till a little later), but the breeze from
the fan is nice, the walls are tiled in baby blue, an obnoxious
chinese lady talks very loudly in one of the delux private phone
booths. I'm the only white person in sight. Everything is dusty (the
streets aren't paved), the electrical cords run all over the walls, I
can hear the crickets over the din of traffic. There is a school
across the street and the little uniformed kids are on recess. Green
is everywhere-- the trees are so lush.

we had thunder, lightning and rain yesterday. big fat raindrops.
Nikki and I were at the market, and we could here the thunder herald
the coming rain. All of a sudden everyone was scurrying for shelter--
venders were packing their wares, the scooter drivers suddenly were
going twice as fast-- the air was electric. It suddenly was cooler-
welcomed relief from the oppressive humidity. We made it to her house
in time-- she has a tin roof and it sounded like hail.

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