Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Had dinner with N, her friend Carol, Da and Carol's husband Kong last night. They talked about why they loved Cambodia so much, and they couldn't really say anything beyond that it was "home" and that they were sad when they were away.

Things have settled down. In the cool mornings we sleep in and after breakfast at a cafe, I check internet. Then I meet N for lunch, or we nap (becuase by then its a hundred degrees and if the electricity goes out, like it did this morning, then there isn't anything to do except nap). Then either N cooks lunch (she is a fabu cook) or we go out. Today we ate Indian. Found out that Indian Food is Universal. Palak Paneer is the same in Santa Clara as it is in Siem Riep. But the naan was a bit thinner and crispier. Then we went to her place and napped some more. She showed me her engagement pictures. Goodness, the Cambodians sure love color. The huts were spangled with eye-breaking plastic sheets and piles of silk flowers. The guests all were wearing crazy shades of turquoise, fuscia and red. And they glamorized N, I never saw her in so much make-up. She took it in stride, saying that the event made her future mother in law enormously happy. Then we napped some more. This afternoon she has to teach, so I came back to town to explore some more. Found more textiles and souvenirs. There are endless T and S shops, and its kind of scary to linger to long, otherwise the owner will come out and give the hard sell. The last time I fell for that, it cost me nearly 20 bucks. (I hope you all like scarves).

Going Native
I discovered why women in hot countries wear turbans. I saw the country women wearing checkered head-scarves and I thought it was a traditional fashion. Then I tried one on (it cost a whole dollar!) and my head suddenly was swathed in coolness. It pulled all the little wisps of hair that stuck to my skin away and wicks the moisture. Now, I never take them off even though its an "old lady" style. (hey, I bet they are going to be in style soon. Guess who was wearing cowboy hats in '98?!) they are so cheap, I bought one for every day of the week.

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