Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The post CL offers are trickling in. I have two coffee dates at Lulu's (this Sat at 8 PM and Sept 3 at 2) if anyone wants to go undercover. I'll be taking applications in my office. I sent some head shots to the dude hiring clothing models. That actually might be a go.

I reviewed the Script. It opens in a gay club, there is a fight and some poor dude get snubbed. (yup, you read it correctly, snubbed)

Evil Camille started laughing with glee at the opening line and by the time it ended, she was nearly peeing her pants. She wants to do it in a raunchy tom of finland style and lots of firm buttocks and big, um, chins, but I'd rather she put her talents to a more productive end. The thing is, I know she could get away with it. If the world doesn't need another rock band, it certainly doesn't need another emo comic series.

I love my audacity.

Here I am, an unemployed (actually, neveremployed) illustrator, and I am turning down jobs cuz I just don't think they are cool enough.

And here's the Thing.

it would be a ridiculous amount of time and either royalties (which would be coming in.. when?) or a very small per/page fee that would prolly work out to something a Cambodian would snub.

Because I would have to love it. And darling, I ain't feeling it.

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