Monday, August 22, 2005

Quandaries, Part 1

I went on CL last night to look for short gigs to tide me over until school starts. I probably shot off a half dozen e-mails to various people looking for models (they were looking for a "girl next door" type and wanted to know "what sort of dresses you felt comfy in" so it didn't seem like anything skanky), seamstresses and illustrators (it always hits me, every time I look for work what a useless and weird set of skills I have, its evidence that There Is a God that I ever find work at all).

I had one reply in my box this morning, from a person looking for a comic book illustrator.

So then, why is it that the only people who ever talk of hiring me for illustration are writers of gay porn?

Illustrator / Artist needed for comic book
Reply to:
Date: 2005-08-19, 3:12PM PDT

I am independent writer looking for an artist to illustrate my comic book. This is serious work and not a hobby project. The end goal of this project is to self-publish or get published through an independent publisher.

The comic book is set in modern day San Francisco. It is a drama centered around dating, relationships and personal growth with some action and fantastic elements.


Is there something in there that should have bleeped on my gaydar? He replied that the "point of the book isn't going to be sex and violence" but that there would be some explicit content. He also want me to audition by illustrating a three page script. I would love to be paid to go up to the city to collect materials and do big, lovingly rendered street scenes, and drawing pretty men is always fun. And I am certainly going to have extra time this fall, and The Submarine File Promo Committee is really tight-fisted when it comes to forking over cash.


er... ohhh, bad image...

I am going to find out how explicit is explicit.

more later.

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