Friday, August 5, 2005

Wrapping it up

Cleaned out the classroom today. The children left with their stack of kid-produced comics. Sure to be collector's items when they all become famous. It was bittersweet. Next week, Muttonham, boys and zines. I"m looking forward to it.

Man Tallies

During my lunch I toddled over the library and instead of reading GQ (as I did yesterday... mostly because it advertised a short story by David Sedaris) I picked up the current copy of the SJ Metro. The title grabbed my attention-- Man Jose. It was about how there are lots of bachelors in SJ and they interviewed a bunch of desperate men and singles' experts. It thoroughly depressed me until I realized that I was feeling sorry for myself for completely ridiculous reasons. I felt like I hadn't dated in ages. Au contraire said my inner accountant...

12 months

5 "dates" *

2 of them were christian (one was dating someone else and the other one moved)

of the remaining 3, 2 were long distance (among other things that made the relationship impossible) and 1 is moving to Boston in a few weeks.

I have no idea whether or not these numbers are high or low (though I sense a disturbing trend-- what is it about me that inspires men to leave the state/country? If I were to make the period of time longer, the numbers of men who left the state after dating me would go up proportionately). Am I dating too much? Too little? Am I acting like a whore or a prim church virgin? Should I be trying to date more?

The article stressed that to be a successful male in SJ, it helped to be older, and for the women, it helped to be younger. The ideal age they mentioned was 25. Doh! Though, ironically, when I was 25 I was dating a SJ man. Does that count?

I am dating, so why am I still practically single? The numbers are saying that men do date me. But what, I wonder, is lacking? Do I just have to keep dating? Shall I continue spinning the proverbial chamber? When I pull the trigger, will anything happen? Is it time for another craigslist ad? (oooh, I think so) Should I reread The Rules?

Does dating really have anything to do with a long term relationship? I am looking at the numbers, and they aren't saying anything at all. I really do have to laugh. I got another spam from eharmony. I checked my account,

0 matches. Argh. They haven't matched me with anyone in

6 mos. I think that means I am unmatcheable. I feel like a date-gypsy.

* the way I am defining date is any outing where the man pays for the food and exhibits some sort of "interest."

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