Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Weekend of Festing

fest-fanny-pack, originally uploaded by camille94019.

This might be my fifth year of Muttonhammer Summer Festing. I might complain about the amount of knees that I saw. I could even grouse about the hideous fanny packs and the ill-considered socks.

But I won't. Because if it wasn't for those lucrative little fests I'd be slaving over the blenders of Jamba instead. Or getting fat and saving money at the Manse.

Our location at this particular one didn't give me much of a good view of the real freaks. Since we were in the KidZone, people had to be normal enough to keep their kids. There were some weird families (like the group where every member wore some article of Stanford Alum-wear, or the trailer-park dad with the walkie-talkie, the bucktoothed wife, the overweight mother in law and the word "Duke" tatooed to his arm) but most of them were pretty average. Alas. The fashion police were busy. So were the real police, kicking the dog-owners out and looking kick-ass.

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