Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Silver Bullet Salon

Silver Bullet

Had a wonderful time commuting with Eleven today. I love hanging out with people smarter than me. Her presence is more stimulating than coffee.

In addition to trashing Calvin (as is her wont), we talked about how our faith has developed from needing to know and follow all the rules to simply trying to pursue Christ and allowing morality and other lifestyle decisions to follow from that. She found that the correctness of an action was a poor motivator in itself. Which brought up the whole question of what exactly the right thing was, and is there a way to categorize and rate the whole potential of human behavior? And how could one possibly try to memorize and follow all of the rules? We ponderated all through the mountains and into the valley. I was thinking I'd like to elaborate more, but I have other things I'd like to do with this evening. Maybe I'll pick this thread up later.

A den of Lust


The model last night was luminous. She had the spare, effortless movements of a sumi-e master-- almost as if she was sculpting herself. I drew this without my glasses. The light was so radiant on her skin, that I just wanted to concentrate on the play of form and shadow. She was also making a funny face, which I couldn't see sans glasses.

All Work and no Titty


The model refused to disrobe until our maintenance guy left the room. She was supposed to start at seven. I was a bit mystified, seven came and went, and still he was puttering around, adjusting lights and shuffling papers and she stood on her platform, stubbornly clutching her robe. Then she told him to go. He got quite upset. The situation was very awkward, I felt like I should have done something, but wasn't sure at all what that was. I didn't want to believe he was dirty voyeuer. He finally left and the model dropped her robe. I brought it up with Wobbly, and he was surprised that I hadn't noticed the little stalling ploys. I just thought he was slow. I felt so clueless. Now the maintenance guys are now banned from the sessions. They just get to do all the work.

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