Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Saga Continues

bald man
bald man sighted in the City

I had a nice chat with Shawn yesterday at Lulu's. It was one of those million dollar conversations that went all over the universe from weight loss to Umberto Eco, comics to movies, secret societies to writing, and traffic reports to semiotics. We sat in the garden, enjoyed the people-watching, the perfect weather and drank our beverages.


At one point I was gesticulating madly about how something he had said made me think of semiotics, which made me think of Eco which made it necessary to recommend that he read Name of the Rose immediately. As my arms flailed to my right (I was at a wall, there was no place else for them to go) I noticed another patron was silently holding up his copy of said book. I screamed and yelled across the garden, wondering if he recommended it. The patron said he was only on the first page but he was telling all of his friends to read it, it was so good.

Shoot Me Now

Where are all the Christian boys? Why aren't you all asking me for my number? Why am I sitting alone on a tuesday night with nothing but my computer for company!?

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