Saturday, December 3, 2005

it would be great to hear more about how you're pursuing your dreams.
comment from Poulet

graff of a flying Easter Island Head

I sat down during church last week, and through the tears and prayers, I made a list of 6 possible "5 Year Plans." They are based losely on the career paths of people whom I know and admire (and envy, in some cases).

The "Miss Una" or EB path.
-art residencies
-teaching college

The Fan Boy Path
-gain some tech skills
-work in tech field funds art pursuits

The Joe Path
similar to The Miss Una, but ultimate goal is a Public Art Career

The Non-Profit Art Institution Path
-move to Mutton to devote all energies to Institution and art pedegogy
-move up the career ladder to a cush Administrative job
-write articles for The Teaching Artist Journal
-speak at conventions, write books on creativity

The Contessa Path
-cultivate local business pursuits
-cultivate local relationships

Comic Superstar, a la Too Much Coffeeman
-devote all energies to comicland, going to conventions, drawing/publishing like a maniac
-become famous, do commercial illustration, sell rights to artwork for exhorbitant amounts.
-work at home or own studio
-see own books lining shelves of retail stores


So there they are. The more I think about it, the more overwhelming the choices appear. So many things that I could do. Right now, the Comic Superstar is the most attractive, but they all have elements that I like. I dream of financial security, art-related work and a partner who supports my whole person (and vice-versa). Right now I have great art-related work and a supportive community. All I need to do is get a few more elements in line.

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