Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lost and Found on the Internet.

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Confessions of eBay Virgins

I started the day's journey from my parents' dial-up set up. We had another one of those "egads! you have no money!" chats and my mother started pulling dolls out of her treasure chest that I could sell on ebay. Armed with my da's digital camera, we had a diminuative fashion shoot.

A Great Gift for the Kiddies!

While no one is going to hire me to shoot for Elle, I am hoping that doll collectors everywhere will try an outbid each other for this vintage doll. It was a family effort, and it only took a couple of hours to get everything together for one item. My mom was so sweet, she even volunteered to make quilts that we could sell.

The State of the Dreams

I spent some time looking for local art teaching opportunities. I found a few leads. Something about looking for work in Flip Flop fills my heart with dread. I have lived here for five years, and have sought local employment, but never succeeded in regular, local work. The "Contessa" route is looking attractive today.

My parents said that they would help me finance more schooling. They are great. Yum, schooling, but what to learn?

Things Found

The Artist Formerly Known as Phil's Mark has reinvented himself once again, and after being totally bereft by his exit from the flickrdom, I have found his other avatar. Happy Day. The above picture is from him. Contemplating the cows makes the hollowness of my savings account seem less terrifying.

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