Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dogs and Gratuitous Cake Lyrics for H

S and the green house

Its Sunday night and its been a crazy weekend chock full of socializing and shopping and job interviews. I am rather itchy from hanging out in a dog house (well, a dog lives there, but the Italian sofa makes me think of "And healthy breasts/ That bounce on his Italian leather sofa"). Miss S and I spent the day in Oakland with the Inimitable One sampling the delights of the White Elephant Sale. I spent the entire 3.50 that I had burning a hole in my pocket on books, including The Ford Motor Company's Roadside Cooking Guide. They show you how to use found objects to make a grill for lobsters. Yay!

Areas of Stability

City Hall

I geeked out yesterday during a job interview with some local artists. I got hired because of my cheery disposition and my ability to discuss chaos.

Look at all those bifurcating shapes!

Skeletal Tree

The ironic thing is that last week I was whining to God about how no one ever wants to hire me for my goofy skill set. And then, sitting at this interview and they are asking me if I know how to do rub-on letraset lettering (they used a funny term that I mistakenly assumed was a new kind of software I had never heard of), a skill little Camille mastered at the tender age of 9, I realized that I was being quizzed about things that I knew and cared about. Thank you, God.

My Next Request

I'd like to be hired for more cool local jobs that pay well.

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