Friday, January 6, 2006

Feb 1970

I am always wondering exactly what sort of thing I should post.

The May Big Sky

I can't think of anything at all right now. I was going to hide the fact with a witty recap of my cold. But then, on second thought, I realized there isn't much entertainment to be had in a head cold. So I thought I'd let a stroll through the photographic archives be my inspiration.

May House

I found these gems in my archives, allegedly dated "Feb 1970."

may ave dirt yard

The computer does the darndest things behind my back.

if you look really carefully...

It was in the 70's for a while before the M*ster got tired of them and brought it back to the Oughties.

The Fiddler

She never even lived in the 70's, so how could she know? I think the Mac was having fun grooving to live Elvis albums.

red red truck

The 70s are only sun-drenched pre-kindergarten memories for me. Dominated by the yellow trailer we lived in, miles and miles of joshua trees and my father's Triumph.

soWat door

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