Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh How I Love Orange

Orange is an amazing color. While at the MOMA on Friday I was able to visit one of my favorite pieces, Rothko's Number 14. The digital representation hardly does justice to the field of orange that you enter when you approach the painting. He layered a couple of different oranges on top of each other, so it has depth. As your eyes swollow all the color, it saturates your senses until you are lost in the orange. As you shift to take in the deep blue, the specks of orange on the blue swim in and out, until they seem like stars in the infinite void. Your eyes try to hang them together, but they can't force them to exist on a flat plane. If you let yourself fall into it, you find yourself falling through space.

Other Kinds of Orange, Equally Intoxicating.

Blue blue Sky

I finally developed the pictures I took with my cool Uncle over Thanksgiving break. They have been going to the same orchard for the last ten years. I think there is something special about California light.

Universe of Persimmons

We spend time gathering the best persimmons, he drops them in my bag. We talk about life, gossip about family members, he shares hair-curling family stories (are there any other kind from the E's?).

Uncle Lost on the Hillside

I admire him. He's really my mother's uncle, but calling him Great Uncle is a mouthful. She has stories about the pogo sticks and other fun gifts he brought for her when she was a child.

An Orange Post Script

cell view

Ah, Cambodia has a nice showing of orange, too.

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