Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Are we there yet?

Stop reading right now if the "how to balance life and work" question bores you.

I was almost late to work this morning because I had the unaccountable urge to take control of my life (ha ha) and write Goals! I am nearly swamped with Big Important Projects! Like preparing for the impending APE-Con and getting any sort of interesting, well-paying jobs in Flip Flop County. Either one could sap my full time energy for the next two months and the crazy thing is, both need to happen in the next two months. Not to mention work! I started working with my artists last night. And I start a new teaching gig next week (over the hill, unfortunately). See! I am not slacking!

This is getting too heavy. I am going to insert a cool picture right here.

in the Green

Isn't that nice? Much better than anything I can offer on an intellectual level right now. I took it standing in the middle of First Street. A very nice taxi actually stopped so he wouldn't run me over. Its so great to know that even taxi drivers are looking out for me.

My goals are really optimistic! I doubt they will happen, but it felt good writing them. I divided them up into little weekly increments. Will they spur me on to great things, or will they just pile on more guilt? Maybe I should just bite the bullet and join a 12 step for losers program.

Oh dear, that last sentence was a real downer. Dang.

the kabab place

As a parting shot, an image of hope, an open door, a light in the darkness. Its on California Avenue. Ah California, if I could only absorb all of your collective optimism.

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