Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh Human Race, You Make Me Crazy!

I am sitting in Big Shaft right now, at the public library. I as smitten with inspiration. Surrounding me are the most amazing characters ever to walk through a Dicken's novel. To my right is a burnt out old computer programmer with a straggly grey ponytail (clearly never recovered from the Bust, doesn't have a 'puter of his own) On my left, a jutting-chinned old gent who is reading the blogs of beautiful women and kitty corner sits a woman with the most amazing chizeled face (you can practically read her life story in wrinkles). I want to paint her. I hope I look that fabulous when I am 75. On the other corner, typing so hard that the communal table is rattling-- a neo-hippy with headphones, a beard to his belly button and the obligatory hemp-jewelry. They are all extraordinary. I want them! I am trying not to stare.

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