Tuesday, February 14, 2006


chris's card

I had steeled myself for a barren and arid Valentine's Day. A V-day sans kissing, sans chocolate-- I can't eat it anymore, either, sans hand holding, sans even a hot bath (yesterday the 327 sewer main backed up). But this Pink Tuesday has bloomed with more bliss than I even dared to hope for.

The Male Harem*

I tried to dismiss the Male Harem years ago. It was part of my campaign to make room for The One. But like the piles of books that seem to just grow in my room, the ranks of the Male Harem continues to swell. Like the oxalis on the hillside, the MH seems to thrive on neglect. In all their innumerable little ways, from the sweet emails, the card, and the chocolates, they have combined to deliver a sweet little Valentine's Day joy.

And Tonight, the G's

As attentive as the Male Harem has been, that doesn't change the fact that none of them are in this region (they are scattered across the globe). In fact it seems the further away they are, the more affectionate they seem to be. As if an inverse-square effect is happening. Perhaps they like me to remain at a safe distance. Be that as it may, its not stopping me from hanging out with the fabulous G's tonight. I love the g-women. They are rocking babes. I think I prefer their company to most men's any evening. They are prettier, too.

*Its critical that you pronounce it ha-REEM, like the Baron Munchausen

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