Monday, February 20, 2006

Visual Potpourri

Singing Divas

I was trying to do a Mister Eleven at E's deckwarming party (when was that? I don't know). I had a tripod, though, and Mr 11 can take the flashless-ambient-light photos with his ultra-steady hand. I actually told people to sit "very still, otherwise your head will be a blur." I was using the Contessa's camera. My pictures from this party have yet to be downloaded, er, developed.


It was such a "kumbaya" moment, but we actually didn't sing that particular song. I keep wondering if we Christians have the market on dorky sing-alongs. Do any other groups get together and do this? Did I say "dorky?" No, I meant "uplifting."

The Incomparable Contessa

One of three pictures that turned out okay from the Contessa's birthday celebrationslast November. I was having a bad photo-night (or, the disposable was bad, or perhaps the half a cocktail I had completely rendered me a useless photo-person). I had a fun time with the G', though.

Farallone View

I love what the KB's hair is doing here. My pater isn't fat, he's just wearing about five sweatshirts at once (it was cold!).

Bald Man Contemplating Shakespeare

Love hanging in the City with the Liz-Gang. Spotted this specimen at Vesuvios. I am not generally a big bar-goer, but Vesuvios has the best atmosphere and the coolest people watching opportunities.

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