Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am Weird Because...

On Satyrday (cool typo! I did not do that on purpose, but I like it.) I went to a teacher inservice. The classes are generally very cool, They hire various teaching artist types who basically let us play all day. BTW, this is not your taxpayer's dollars at work. In the morning we got in touch with our inner-minority through Theater of the Oppressed excursuses. I had been expecting to get lectured, but we ended up playing theater games.

In the afternoon I went to a theater workshop. We created a performance and a piece of art based on the way we end the statement, "I am weird because..." Then we had to perform it in front of all our colleagues. Everybody laughed when I was done. I wonder if they were laughing at me, or with me, or just our of general embarrassment.

I am weird

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