Wednesday, March 8, 2006

The Smell of Desperation

at the gate to the meadow

Since I have pictures to post (that haven't gotten stolen in transit! A prodigy of the US Post!) I had an excuse to muck about on Flickr. I suddenly found myself looking for local single men. I found two Flip Flop groups (out of five total, one private (scandinavians only) and the others were for UCSC and "beaches"), and I thought, voila! I can find artsy men and we already have stuff in common. (Boy, and where they ever "flipflop" I had a moment of naked artistic snobbery as I perused the pages of sunsets and lighthouse scenes. Only one pic of the Pink Umbrella Man! What is wrong with my fellow photags?)

Boy, was I ever wrong. Most of the "single-looking" members all seem to live either in NYC or Germany (what is it with Germany!) or were married or both. You can't browse Fl like you can CL. Its a photo-service, for crying out loud. So I had to laboriously look at people's icons and try and divine if 1) they were male, 2) they were youngish 3) if they were single-and-straight. The selection of men I clicked on probably said more about my taste in icons than it did anything else. Needless to say, no one got a "hi, howya doin?" message from me.

I posted some of my favorite FF pics. Maybe they'll ban me.

The Arrest
Ha Ha, put that in your Tourist Friendly Scenes and smoke it!

Tree at the farmer's market parking lot
Yup, I can take a pic that doesn't need any PSing, dammit! (I have such a bad attitude)

The Incredible Elevensies
The FF groups will continue to wallow in mediocrity unless we can convince this gentleman to join.

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