Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Drawing Feet

Monday Night. Wenda, one of my favorite models, graced us with her presence. She stood on the cement, so her feet weren't shrouded with fabric and cushions, so I had the rare treat of drawing her feet in all their glory.

this was the first drawing... after the warm ups. I was horrified by how badly I was drawing.

I realized that I must try and Improve. So I spent the rest of the time trying to Render the Perfect Feet

Then I started to get intrigued by comparing how my different brains processed the feet. The notations of "right" and "left" refer to my hands, so ignoring my corpus callosum, you could reverse it and figure out with hemisphere was being used at the moment. Exciting, eh?

The veins of her feet looked like rivers, which made me think of fake Bible verses. Having never actually seen the Euphrates, I have no experience of it, but there is something mythical about it that resonates with me. I couldn't say, "you flow like the San Lorenzo" just doesn't do anything for me (rather it sounds like some menstrual comment)

A palimpsest. You can see another set of drawings through the paper.

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