Sunday, April 30, 2006


In case anyone forgot, I am still tired of being single. Yes, I am having a good time with my friends, mucking about in the Bay Area, drawing pikchures, teaching, driving around, making messes, going to the beach, walking in the woods, reading books, swimming in the pool, kickboxing, looking for work, trying to navigate the complex 327 waters, etc. And while I am the last one to complain about being lonely, the tedium of plowing through my social register without consulting anyone is becoming old.


I did it again. The eharmony thing. They sent me a good deal (three months for 40 dollars). I have no expectations this time. I am not going to scream at anyone for taking me out on a date while they are seeing someone else (it happened!). Its just a silly ticket to the Boy/Girl eSand Box.

Allowing the Bearer Three Months of
throwing sand
sharing peanut butter sandwiches
going on the slides
playing Frogger with the swings
Looking At Stupid Pictures
seeing how many inane comments one can fit in a single email.
more blog fodder/ stories to share at parties
teasing the boys and (hopefully) throwing rocks at them
playing with Transformers, and acting interested in baseball cards
grass clipping forts
water fights
acts of petty vandalism (like stuffing the drains with dead leaves and jamming the drinking fountain)


This time I didn't pose with lipstick and black and white film for an entire day in the front yard for "glamour shots." Since i have nearly 2000 images on flickr, I thought, well, voila, here's a handy Camille Image Bank. I found most of the pictures that showed my face are in the bathroom. And a few from ShannonMarie and the N*ster. It will be a very special man who writes, methinks. I like him already.

Thinking about poetry

Intrepid pilot?

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