Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Signing books

IMG_4038.JPG, originally uploaded by ushio.

For the fabulous-fans-with-cameras.


I was just browsing my entries and I realized I had a huge omission! I forgot to mention the beautiful people who helped me put this show on! And the sainted darlings who helped the Sat-before-last with the printing/stapling/painting madness.

The W-C family (oooh curves are So Cool! and so are Epson printers! and Kelly Paper! and Squid Cards!)
Liesa! (printing is fun!)
Willows Mom and Raybon (precision reproduction team!)
The Wobbly (for all the inspiration and collaboration!)
The H for painting the Sub!
The Elevensies for cutting biz cards and for listening to my hair-brained ideas
Miss S for schlepping all the way to the City and bringing a *bachelor* with her!

thank you thank you thank you!

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