Sunday, May 7, 2006

The Cinematic Experience

The Contessa called me up yesterday and we went to see some of the offerings of the Flip Flop Film Festival.

The evening's entertainments started innocently enough. We had dinner at my place then we raced to the Del Mar to catch the 7:30 showing of "Fabulous: the story of Queer Cinema." I was just trying to find a link, but there doesn't seem to be one. Hm, its so hot and fresh it doesn't have its own site. We thoroughly enjoyed the interview with John Waters. He is my fantasy gay uncle. Then we stayed for the next feature, Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock. It was introduced by a hairy man who tossed t-shirts in the audience (I had a tug-of-war over one, and I finally let go and let the lady have it, then she suggested we play ro-sham-bo for it, and my scissors beat her paper). He sounded very stoned, and he waved his fist and chanted "burn burn! yo burners!"). The Contessa and I laughed behind our hands, we felt like we had "infiltrated." The interviews and the footage were very cool. It inspired me to want to go. But the editing was very disjointed and the there was no unifying flow-- the scenes were just sort of cobbled together (and it was way too long). As an artist, it affirmed a lot of my own personal philosophy about the importance of doing art for arts sake, and the beauty of building community. It was wonderful to hear artists talk about what they do and why they do it. I kept thinking, "yeah, yeah, thats it." I was also intrigued by the spirituality that people attributed to the experience. Tho' I suspect any large burning thing is going to inspire religious awe. I teased Fan Boy when he went last year about recreating those "flaming pillar" biblical scenes out there in the dessert. Maybe I should talk to Pastor Dan about staging big burning art happenings at the church.

Intrepid pilot?
Ready for the Burn? :P

And That is not All
After sitting for four hours in a theater, I was in no shape to drive, so the Contessa and I walked a few laps aroudn the Mall. The triple screens in the American Apparel window completely engrossed us. We were completely transfixed by the images of Linda Blair (we didn't know who it was at the time) skating through Venice Beach in hot pants. We couldn't tear our eyes away. A man joined us and after a while we started discussing the fashion (ew! I remember wearing that!) and the various cinematic qualities, or lack thereof. I thought he was cute, and he was wearing bright orange crocs (those plastic waterproof clog-things). I almost fell over when he said he was in town for a shoot because he looked exactly like NY (that is what brought NY to FF, originally). He was even bald. It turns out he shoots commercials and music videos. "Phew," I thought, that coincidence could have been to weird." We finally figured out it was a b-movie called "Roller Derby;" made in 1979 (we had guessed 82, but IMDB straightened us out)
Not Daniel Korb
We talked about movies and bad 80's fashions and roller skating well into the night. Then it was time to return home. I was hoping that the night wouldn't end, but it did when one of the Mall residents politely asked us to move on. So we wished a good night and a farewell.

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