Monday, June 12, 2006

Muffin Tin

Muffin Tin, originally uploaded by camille94019.

for Dan. Does this make me codependent?


I just spent the last few hours downloading a flock of new photos. It has left my brain kind of mushy.


I started thinking about the Sub files again this morning. I dug out some of my notes and read them. They seemed so quaint. They were from November. Now, I am not sure there will be any more subs. My writing seemed so lame and incoherent. This illustration hasn't been published. Its from the current episode, which has gone absolutely nowhere in the last two months. The pattern of dried batter is from my mother's muffin tin-- the one she has been cooking popovers in for the last thirty years. The real story might be more interesting than the made up one. My dad occasionally steals it when he needs to take something complicated apart, and requires something to organize all the myriad pieces.

(Did I mention my mother's popovers are the best?)

The fake story would have been nearly identical, just a different character stealing the muffin tin from the submarine galley (because, surely they eat popovers on the boat, too) and using it to organize all his little nuts and bolts.

When I was putting it together, I wanted a motif for the process of fixing something on the sub, and this image is powerful for me. In my mind, the sub is a rather goofy and unglamorous place, that is constantly breaking down, making embarrassing noises and often smells bad, much like a beloved family member. (Not that I am saying anything directly about any family member. You could honestly say the same thing about me.)

Maybe I will finish it.

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