Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Rant

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I am staring at the screen, without my glasses on. I am finding my eyes strain a little. Not sure exactly where my glasses are. I am near sighted enough that I am pretty functional when the object of my gaze is less than 18 inches away.

I feel like I just woke up from a nap. I hadn't slept though. I have been writing email for the last hour, and I called AT and T and was wading through the consumer-hating quagmire that is our modern telecommunication behemoth. Part of me just want to cut them a check and be done with it, the other part would like to just leave the mess here and move in with Only in Cambodia (you wouldn't mind, would you? I could help drive and harvest rice!). Would AT&T bother me? I certainly wouldn't be able to get away from cell phones there. Is there a place where you can "accidentally" leave your cell off for extended periods of time without social backlash? Maybe this is why I like swimming so much. Sitting in the middle of the bay, with nothing within reach except kelp and dolphins is very anti-cell phone.

I just realized that this is a rant. I could tell you why I am irritated, but it would just be uber-tedious. It would involve math. It sounds like an elaborate word problem. A lame one, with no exciting trains meeting midway at point D in a shower of wreckage and twisted metal. Those old SAT word problems are a real let-down. They promised a math-drenched future with speeding trains, exotic destinations and friends named "Matt" who have five apples. Then you grow up and find bills from corporations who have you by the short hairs, and mapquest directions that make no sense. Where are you now, Matt? I could sure use an apple. Or five.

:: :: ::

I was going to end this post with something brighter. Then I got swept away with another rant. I remember now. I was going to introduce another character. That will have to wait, because I have to run.

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