Wednesday, July 5, 2006

There is Company in the Submarine

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I had an unadulterated afternoon to spend with Fan Boy on Tuesday. Usually our scant time together is spent traveling to bus stations (train stations, airports or some combination of all three), feeding ourselves, recovering (someone is usually sick at some point), laundry, running to kinko's or grooming (separately).

He suggested we do a collaborative Sub File. I found out that he didn't think that Prester was much of a villain (obnoxious, yes, but not evil). So we developed a story where we could give Prester some villainous tasks (which he jumped on with alacrity) and give Fan Boy a chance to draw a picture he had floating in his mind of an abandoned sub on the ocean floor filled with vintage toys and all the characters. (ah! so that is "fan" art, i thought to myself. I get it). I did above page, but the one below is FB's. Its actually kind of scary, how well it turned out. He is going to do 13 pages, and i am going to finish 11, for a total of 24 pages. It will be all drawings, and very little text. He's taking classes in script writing and he teaches story development and (oh no!) my brain is expanding.


When we are done, I will be sending this out to people who subscribe (she coughs pointedly).

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