Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blogging Regret

Sinister Path, originally uploaded by camille94019.

I am unable to edit my postsNot anymore!. I tried logging onto booger and I can't get inNow I am in, let the revising begin!. Maybe its time for a long over-due computer update (its working, why mess with it?). I suddenly have an acute case of blog-regret and wish that I could edit/ delete a couple of entries.

Up until now I have taken for granted the ability to revise and edit this online record. After a lifetime of suffering from speaker's regret (how often I have wished I had just kept my mouth shut)What am I talking about? I always say the right thing, its been wonderful and releasing to be able to dip into the record at any time and change it. Now I can't. I am frustrated. My readers will know what a bad speller/grammarian I am. ha ha, as if they didn't know already

On the other hand, it begs the question of what sort of "record" is it, if I can change it faster than a pair of dirty diapers?

It isn't a record. This is Camille-Propaganda. I am serving myself up for your delectation. Sometimes the honest observations make for a fine meal. Sometimes I am just full of shit, and that is fun, too. But mostly, I am grateful to you, oh reader, for reading this and giving my life meaning.

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