Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hello Velasquez!

Cafe Perg, originally uploaded by camille94019.

My head is throbbing. My nose is stuppy. My right eyeball feels as though my optic nerve is knotted. I was just uploading a batch of pictures (these are raw scans, the horizontal scratches could be used by future archeologists to authenticate that these were truly processed by the porcupines of Bay Foto) . Looking at this picture makes me perversely happy. I could be falling apart into little pieces and this picture somehow is gluing all the bits back together. I took it at Cafe Perg in Flip. The ray of light falls across the reader's chest. Light vaguely illuminates the wall in the other room. The back of the patron floats on the edge. The scattered paintings on the wall sit like islands on a vertical sea. The two shadowy figures of yours truly and El Cab reflected in the mirror above the fireplace. We are just missing the dwarf, the dogs and all the little meninas. Dwarves are overrated.

What makes me happy is that I didn't plan this at all. Its an accident. Things have been challenging lately, with the new school, the new year, my head cold, the bills and daily crap. I look at this, and I realize things can work out. They can. And the light is beautiful.

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