Monday, October 23, 2006

The 24 Hour Comic is Online

The newest 24 hour comic is full of flying helmets, angry bears, death-in-space, heartwarming conversations with airline passengers, chopping vegetables, distraught artists, erupting hydrants, falling sparrows, tomato harvests, malevolent asteroids, commentary on contemporary art, Fat Camille, delicate ink wash paintings, trans-species reconciliation and not much more.

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The Woods Story

Fat Camille gets old, a garden, a kitchen (with a sexy brick oven stove) and makes a meal. Other stuff happens in the woods to the man, involving bears and axes.

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The Space Story

The less said about this one, the better.

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The True Story

I generally shy away from doing autobiographical comic stories because the things that happen to me are just to big for the format. The magical alchemy of sleep deprivation, a diet of dry cereal and apples, sitting in an uncomfortably cold living room contrived to make my memories small and manageable.

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The Love Story

This is a misnomer. It could have been called a fantasy-infatuation story. The sparrow never really knew the hydrant. She thought that flutter in her breast was amore, but what was it, really? An indigestion? An overactive imagination? She hoped so hard. The hydrant maintained "plausible deniability" during the whole episode. It was doomed from the start.

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