Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Word, Photography.

This is another five minute post. I just posted some pictures to Flickr. I was too cheap to get them professionally scanned, so I did it myself. The photography is getting more deeply into the low tech end of things. I took this with a Holga (the original Krappy Kamera) and then scanned the negs in with my picture scanner and lost all the grays. The whole series of Pogonip looks more like Mordor than Flip Flop.

I was looking at the local JC's catalog and drooling over the photo classes this morning. Since my work commitments are so slim at the moment, a morning dark room class is completely in the realm of the possible.

I was sad they didn't offer any classes on architecture. I have five bucks in my pocket and a whole life to blow.


Ariel said...

Camille, you can do more with a crap camera than most people can do with their six-mp Canons.

(I was afraid that 327 Market had gone under until I realized your RSS feed had just changed. Phew.)

Camille said...

ariel, thanks for your blog-loyalty! and thanks for the compliment!

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